Zingbox IoT Guardian: The Only IoT Cyber Insurance Winner Recognized in the Marsh Cyber Catalyst Program

By Scott Simkin, Head of Product Marketing, Cortex

Today, internet of things (IoT) devices are present in nearly every organization, whether they can be seen on the network or not. Most of these IoT devices are connected to the network but not managed. This connected ecosystem has the potential to unlock significant business value, but it also introduces an additional attack surface that can be exploited for eventually targeting high value assets across the network. To mitigate risk, many organizations choose to work with cybersecurity insurers as part of their overall security strategy.

Earlier this year, Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, created the Cyber Catalyst program to provide leading insurers with a shortlist of the best security products, allowing them to offer more favorable policy terms to customers using these approved products.

Zingbox IoT Guardian, from Palo Alto Networks, is proud to be awarded the Cyber Catalyst designation in the first-ever Cyber Catalyst by Marsh program. Participating insurers, with Microsoft as their technical advisor, independently reviewed over 150 cybersecurity solutions spanning a broad range of categories – data, network, endpoint, application and IoT security – and selected 17 products for inclusion. 

The award is based on six criteria: reduction of cyber risk, key performance metrics, viability, efficiency, flexibility and differentiation. Zingbox IoT Guardian stands alone as the only IoT security product to be recognized.

Unmanaged IoT devices now represent 50% of the endpoints on an organization’s network. These unmanaged assets create a blind spot and significantly increase exposure to cybersecurity risks, unnecessary costs and compliance anxiety. IoT devices’ long operating life and inability to patch or upgrade add more security challenges to the organization. Traditional IT security solutions cannot protect IoT devices, leaving the IoT network vulnerable to a wide range of cyberthreats.

Zingbox IoT Guardian uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and threat intelligence to discover, secure and manage IoT devices on the network. The product includes three major elements:

  • IoT Guardian Discovery identifies and classifies all IoT devices on the network, providing accurate, real-time visibility and protection of key assets. The agentless passive network monitoring ensures that fragile IoT devices are not disrupted. 
  • IoT Guardian Security baselines normal device behaviors, detects irregularities and generates alerts. It performs real-time risk assessment across the organization to help mitigate overall risk and ensure business continuity. 
  • IoT Guardian Vigil provides a security operations center (SOC) dashboard that monitors every aspect of the network and tracks security events across multiple locations. It fills the gap for security personnel looking for a single pane of glass view into their IT/IoT network. 

In this way, Zingbox IoT Guardian automates the IoT lifecycle through device onboarding, provisioning, security, management and safe device removal. 

The award of Cyber Catalyst designation 2019 further validates Zingbox IoT Guardian’s leading position in IoT security. Customers of Zingbox IoT Guardian may be considered for more favorable terms and conditions on individually negotiated cyber insurance policies with participating insurers. These insurers have responded to the most catastrophic and costly cyber events of the past decade, and they are interested in encouraging customers to use effective solutions to mitigate risk. 

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