Wipro Delivers Palo Alto Networks Zero Trust OT Security Solutions

Modernizing the industrial and operational technology (OT) environment has been challenging for customers in verticals like manufacturing, electric utilities, logistics and transportation. The evolution of cyber-physical systems as part of Industry 4.0 is optimizing business operations, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Manufacturers and OT businesses are integrating network-connected Internet of Things (IoT), cloud edge computing, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into their production facilities and operations.

Making systems more interconnected, however, can have significant security risks as organizations remove the traditional air-gapped infrastructure between OT and Information Technology (IT). Cyberattacks targeting OT systems can result in downtime, halted production, revenue losses and potentially human lives. To mitigate these risks, enterprises should implement a Zero Trust security framework that verifies and validates every device, user, protocol and application attempting to access their OT assets and network. Partnering with trusted solution providers can empower organizations to implement such a framework.

Wipro has expanded its partnership with Palo Alto Networks to provide customers with best-of-breed Zero Trust security capabilities across OT environments. Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, combined with Wipro's Security and Infrastructure Services, helps organizations protect critical assets with industry-leading technology, people, and intelligence. This strategic partnership addresses the challenges faced by global enterprises and provides comprehensive solutions to deliver network and security transformations.

The Palo Alto Networks comprehensive Zero Trust OT Security Solution is a critical component of this joint offering. The platform provides AI and ML-powered granular visibility and control over OT assets, 5G assets, OT networks and remote operations across plants and remote sites. It includes least-privilege access policies, with built-in policy enforcement, continuous trust verification of communications, and continuous security inspection for threats, enabling customers to quickly identify and respond to threats. This unified platform approach simplifies security deployment and operations, removes the dependency on point-security products, and makes OT architectures secure from partially air-gapped to fully cloud-connected environments. The solution is designed to be scalable and adaptable to meet the changing needs of the OT environment.

“Protecting critical infrastructure and industrial control systems requires a
approach in this evolving cyber threat landscape. Our strategic partnership
with Wipro
delivers a comprehensive Zero Trust OT security solution to help
customers stay ahead
of attacks and focus on their operational and business

— Simone Gammeri, Vice President of SASE GTM, at Palo Alto Networks

The Zero Trust OT offering from Wipro and Palo Alto Networks is designed to help customers manage their OT security postures and risks. With Wipro’s experienced and certified cybersecurity professionals that carry out risk assessment, compliance management, security architecture design, security operations center (SOC) services and incident response, customers can be confident that they have the expertise and resources to effectively manage their OT security risks. Wipro has a robust governance model to ensure that user data is secure. The operational systems comply with industry regulations and standard frameworks like IEC 62443, NIST CSF, C2M2. and NIST 800-82. It also provides a comprehensive OT security approach, covering all the critical risk areas, ensuring customers receive a tailored solution that meets their unique security needs.

“Wipro’s OT and IoT security services are blended with Palo Alto Networks
Zero Trust OT security solution to help your organization stay ahead of threats
and ensure business continuity. We strategically partner with Palo Alto to help
customers identify risks to the OT network and remediate them through our
Wipro-Palo Alto OT Cyber Hub solution.”
— Tony Buffomante, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Cybersecurity and Risk Services at Wipro

Together, Wipro and Palo Alto Networks deliver a comprehensive approach to OT security that helps customers effectively manage their OT assets, remote operations and 5G. Learn more about the benefits of Wipro's Zero Trust OT Security Service powered by Palo Alto Networks.

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