Uptycs Cloud Discovery: Simplifying Cloud Security Challenges

two cloud security techs look at a computer screen displaying Uptycs Security Graph

Visualizing complex cloud architecture and resources presents a significant challenge for any security team. This becomes even more daunting when tasked with discovering and understanding the full scope of your environment across various isolated environments (such as AWS accounts, Azure subscriptions, and GCP projects) and geographical locations (including AWS and Azure regions, as well as GCP regions and zones). 

Enter Uptycs' Cloud Discovery, which not only simplifies the discovery process across all accounts and regions, but also provides invaluable assistance in troubleshooting network connectivity and IAM access through intuitive visualizations. With Cloud Discovery, what used to be a complex and error-prone process becomes a near-effortless, one-click action. Comprehending the intricate web of your cloud infrastructure transforms from a burdensome task into a seamless experience, bringing clarity to what was once a convoluted process.

Notably, Uptycs Cloud Discovery also lays the foundation for advanced security features like Attack Path analysis, the creation of a comprehensive Security Graph, and the utilization of Ask Uptycs. 

Once Cloud Discovery comprehensively identifies all resources and the full extent of an environment, these capabilities become highly effective, offering a more integrated and intelligent approach to cloud security. 

Traditional methods, by contrast, can be cumbersome, often involving a laborious process of navigating through multiple consoles and interfaces to gain a comprehensive view of diverse cloud resources. This can lead to a disjointed and potentially error-prone understanding of your cloud environment. This complexity is compounded when dealing with multiple subscriptions, each potentially spanning different regions and containing a variety of resources. 

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