Update: InteractiveSieve Version

New features in this version of InteractiveSieve are:

Load and Split

With Load and Split; you can load a CSV file and split rows that have a field that contains more than one value, separated by a separator character.

Take this example:


Fields in column Methods can have more than one value: GET, POST and/or HEAD. These values are separated by a pipe | character.

Simply loading this CSV file in InteractiveSieve gives this:

While using Load and Split with separator | for column 3 (Methods) gives this:

Ignore Comments

The Options dialog has now a field “Ignore comments”:

This can be used to ignore each line that starts with the given line-comment character.

Take this CSV file for example:

#Produced 2024/06/01
#Extra comment,54302,GET|HEAD|POST

When loaded in InteractiveSieve without “Ignore comments” character, the result is this:

And providing line-comment character # gives this:


The Show command in the right-click menu for a row gives this dialog:


The Sum command in the right-click menu for a cell can be used to sum the numerical values of that column. There is no need to convert the text to numbers first.


And finally, there’s the Group command in the right-click menu for a column.

This is a bit the opposite of Load and Split.

Take this CSV file for example:

Let’s say I want to group Methods by IP address. First I specify that column IP is the index:

Next I select column Methods to Group:

And then I specify the separator (~ in this example):

The original values can be restored with Restore from group:

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Article Link: Update: InteractiveSieve Version | Didier Stevens