Threat Intelligence Snapshot: Week 18, 2024

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			<div><h2>Cyber Highlights</h2>

Threat Actor

New Ransomware Group Dubbed APT73 Shares Similarities with LockBit’s DLS

Dubbed as APT73, QuoIntelligence identified an emerging RaaS group with stylistical similarities to LockBit’s DLS. Compared to other competitors, APT73 does not advertise their affiliation program nor has a high infection rate, resulting in no public sample available for reverse engineering.

Geopolitical Highlights

NIS2 Cybersecurity Directive Key Takeaways: Sectors, Main Requirements, Penalties and Deadlines

Industry impacted: Communication Services, Energy, Financials, Government, Health Care, Industrials, Materials, Utilities

QuoIntelligence provides key takeaways on the EU’s Network and Information Security 2 Directive (NIS2) detailing the sectors subject to the legislation, its main cybersecurity requirements, as well as the penalties and deadlines it foresees.


Industry impacted: Consumer Discretionary, Financials, Industrials


  • 6 May – RSA Conference 2024

  • 7 May – ItaliaSec 2024

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