Taking a Closer Look at a Malicious Infrastructure Mogul

In our article "Bulletproof Hosting Services: Investigating Media Land LLC," we examined Media Land LLC, the organization ran by cyberthreat mogul Alexander Volosovik. We delved into its hosting infrastructure and activities, including domain registration services that facilitate and enable various malicious campaigns. 

We've done further infrastructure analysis to connected our previous research on Media land activities, including our articles on the Grelos Skimmer, the Inter Skimmer, and Bulletproof hosting, to Volosovik's domain registration and fast-flux services. Fast flux is a DNS technique used to mask botnets by quickly shifting among a network of compromised hosts, which act as proxies to enable criminals to evade detection.

Here, we'll analyze Volosovik's fast-flux offering patterns as seen in RiskIQ data, using several indicators to identify additional aliases, accounts, and domains connected to Volosovik. As we surface these digital relationships, we'll be able to connect previous research from RiskIQ and other security companies to Volosovik's services, showing their prevalence across the global threat landscape. 

Article Link: Taking a Closer Look at a Malicious Infrastructure Mogul | RiskIQ