ReversingLabs SDK for Python

ReversingLabs SDK for Python

Just recently ReversingLabs officially released its extensive Python SDK created for automating and simplifying the lives of developers and security software integrators who intend on using ReversingLabs services programmatically. The name of the SDK in question is, conveniently and descriptively, ReversingLabs SDK.

For a rather brief look into the ReversingLabs SDK (in further text: SDK), one could describe it as a Python tool for easier use of ReversingLabs appliances and platforms that have a REST API. In a more detailed dive into the project, one can see various possibilities when it comes to developing your own software integrations, automating security pipelines and workflows and writing interactive file analysis pivoting interfaces.

The SDK comes in two versions: one for Python 2 and one for Python 3. Both versions can be found on PyPI and are regularly updated and maintained by ReversingLabs.

Upon installing the SDK using your Python package manager of choice, we can begin hunting for malware.

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