Panda Security and everis Join Forces to Improve Clients’ Cybersecurity

Panda Security has signed a collaboration agreement with everis Aerospace, Defense and Security to offer its clients advanced cybersecurity services. The alliance between the two companies will allow Panda Security to combine its renowned intelligent workplace protection technology with everis’s broad and specialized offer in cybersecurity.

Within the framework of this agreement, the two companies are introducing the Integral Enterprise Defense solution: a new and exclusive external monitoring, management, treatment, analysis, evaluation and cybersecurity consulting service for customers using Panda Adaptive Defense. This solution will give Panda Security customers the advantages of having the support of a highly specialized cybersecurity team without having to make a major investment.

Integral Enterprise Defense offers a combination of high value added services. It allows real-time analysis of data collected directly from the computers protected by Panda Adaptive Defense and continuously monitors for potential cyber threats.

At the same time, it makes everis’s cybersecurity team available to the client. This expert team offers support and advice on aspects such as the management of security alerts, regulatory compliance and the new GDPR regulation, data analysis, and proposals for action plans.

The solution to advanced cyber threats

According to Juan Santamaría, General Manager of Panda Security, “the collaboration between Panda Security and everis will offer effective protection against known and unknown threats to customers thanks to the perfect combination of security solutions and services. This cooperation will allow the most advanced computer security services provided by everis to apply Panda Adaptive Defense’s intelligent cybersecurity technology, protecting its own digital infrastructures and business fabric from the increase in advanced cyber threats. ”

For Miguel Ángel Thomas, partner responsible for the area of ​​cybersecurity in everis, the signing of this agreement is welcome news that will contribute to reinforcing the position of the company as a provider of advanced cybersecurity services. According to him, “the collaboration between everis and Panda allows us to offer new and innovative solutions to our customers to improve their security and that of their employees”.

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