Obfuscated: Online Threats and the Visually Impaired

In this podcast episode, we dive deep into the world of online scams and the vulnerability of individuals with disabilities. Our guests, Timothy Kromphardt, an email fraud researcher at Proofpoint, and Tim Utzig, a Senior Associate Analyst at Anser, share their insights and personal experiences related to online fraud, particularly focusing on a recent Twitter scam.

Tim Utzig starts by recounting how he fell victim to a Twitter scam involving discounted MacBooks for charity, a situation that felt too good to be true. He highlights the challenges and vulnerabilities faced by individuals with disabilities when navigating the online world.

Tim Kromphardt, with his expertise in threat actor engagement and scam tracking, discusses his efforts to help Tim Utzig recover from the scam. He explains the complexities of cybercrime investigations and the difficulties in bringing scammers to justice.

[1:00] Twitter scam story
[6:00] Viewing images with a screen reader
[8:45] Scam Busting
[12:30] Cautions to scam busting
[17:40] Unraveling the Twitter scam follow up
[20:20] Involvement of the police force & government
[26:35] Protection techniques for people with disabilities
[27:20] Key characteristics of fraud

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