NetAnalysis® v3.7 and HstEx® v5.7 Released

Release Notes for NetAnalysis® Version 3.7

Welcome to NetAnalysis® Version 3.7. This latest iteration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art browser forensic analysis tools. Among the notable enhancements is our bolstered support for the latest Chromium-based Disk Cache, designed to provide forensic examiners with even greater capabilities for extracting and analysing browser data. From advanced decoding capabilities for X/Twitter Snowflake IDs to comprehensive support for over 120 new browser versions across multiple platforms, this update equips digital forensic investigators with unparalleled insights and efficiency.

Furthermore, we have fine-tuned our identification engine to excel in identifying SQLite databases. We have also streamlined the extraction processes for Chromium-based Disk Cache and iOS snapshots, while enhancing the processing of Microsoft Edge Web Data. Delve into the details below to explore how NetAnalysis® continues to set the benchmark for forensic analysis excellence.

Digital Detective NetAnalysis showing Extracted Cached Web PagesNetAnalysis® v3.7 Displaying Cached Web Pages and Cache Monitor

New Features


  • Advanced SQLite Database Identification: Our identification engine now boasts enhanced capabilities for identifying SQLite databases, empowering users with more precise analysis and extraction of critical data.
  • Streamlined Chromium Disk Cache Extraction: Experience smoother workflows with improved support for importing and extracting the latest Chromium based Disk Cache, facilitating efficient retrieval of browsing history and cached content.
  • Enhanced Handling of Chromium iOS Snapshots: Enjoy refined handling of Chromium based iOS snapshot files, alongside improved extraction techniques, enhancing the accuracy and completeness of snapshot data retrieval.
  • Enhanced Microsoft Edge Web Data Management: Elevate your forensic analysis with improved handling of Microsoft Edge Web Data, ensuring thorough examination and extraction of crucial browsing information for comprehensive investigations.

NetAnalysis® Change Log

The full list of changes can be found here: Change Log v3.7.

HstEx® Version 5.7 – Deep Dive into Unstructured Data

Get ready to delve deeper into the digital landscape with HstEx® v5.7! This powerful update expands your forensic reach and refines data recovery capabilities, working seamlessly alongside NetAnalysis® for a comprehensive view of user activity. This latest iteration elevates your investigative prowess, extending data recovery capabilities and seamlessly integrating with NetAnalysis® for a comprehensive browser forensic toolkit. With enhanced browser coverage across various platforms, HstEx® ensures you stay ahead of evolving digital landscapes.

Digital Detective HstEx Processing a Mobile DumpHstEx® Processing a Mobile Dump

Enhanced Browser Coverage

Stay ahead of the curve with support for an additional 125 browser versions, encompassing all the latest changes to popular browsers. No matter what platform or browser your investigation encounters, HstEx® v5.7 has you covered.

Recovery Refinements

  • Improved SQLite Record Recovery: Our latest update boasts a revolutionary enhancement to our unique recovery engine, allowing NetAnalysis® v3.7 and HstEx® v5.7 to effortlessly extract SQLite records from unstructured data like never before. Experience the unparalleled precision and depth of analysis that sets our forensic tools leagues ahead of the competition.
  • Expanded Support for Apple Safari Tab Entries: Explore deeper insights into Safari on iOS and macOS with our latest update, now featuring enhanced recovery capabilities for Apple Safari Tab entries.
  • Enhanced Compatibility with Dolphin Browser: Unveiling expanded support for Dolphin Browser on both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Opera v106 Cookies: Extract more valuable evidence with improved recovery of cookies from Opera v106, providing deeper insights into browsing history and preferences.
  • Samsung Internet Browser v23 (Android) Logins: Uncover hidden credentials with improved recovery of login data from Samsung Internet Browser v23 on Android devices, revealing potential access points and user accounts.
  • Naver Whale v3.24 Downloads: Gain clearer visibility into downloaded files with enhanced recovery from Naver Whale v3.24, streamlining your analysis of downloaded content.
  • Cốc Cốc v126 Downloads: Efficiently recover downloaded files from Cốc Cốc v126, providing a comprehensive understanding of user activity within this popular Vietnamese browser.

NOTE: HstEx® works hand-in-hand with NetAnalysis®, offering a combined solution for in-depth browser forensics. Recover individual records and files from unstructured data across various platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, portable, and stand-alone browsers. HstEx® v5.7: More than just data recovery, it’s a gateway to deeper understanding.

HstEx® Change Log

The full list of changes can be found here: HstEx® v5.7 Change Log.

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