Navigating Cybersecurity Frontiers in Rwanda: Unveiling the RISE Conference's Agenda

Why you need to attend the RISE 2024 Conference

In the rapidly evolving digital era, cybersecurity remains a paramount concern, especially in regions like Rwanda and across Africa. This May, Team Cymru’s series of ,,RISE Conferences arrives in Rwanda and will serve as a crucial convergence point for cyber law enforcement professionals, cyber threat analysts, and senior network engineers. Here, we will delve into the heart of contemporary cyber challenges, offering insights and solutions tailored to our unique landscape.

“After many years of successful events across the African continent, we’re looking forward to welcoming new delegates to advance their cyber threat knowledge and increase their network among their peers.”

Steve Santorelli, Chief of Staff, Team Cymru

1. Tackling the Surge in Cybercrimes Amidst Digital Growth: As Rwanda and Africa take large strides forward in digital innovation, a surge in cybercrimes has become an inevitable challenge. The RISE Conference will allow you to discuss this trend, providing a platform to share innovative cybersecurity measures and preventive strategies. We will explore how technological advancement has altered the cybercrime landscape, necessitating updated approaches and tools to safeguard digital assets and information.

2. Cybersecurity in National Policies: A Cornerstone for Digital Economies: The integration of cybersecurity into national policy frameworks is no longer optional but a necessity. The conference will touch on Rwanda's strides in enacting data protection laws and developing comprehensive cybersecurity strategies. Attendees will gain insights into how cybersecurity policy can be effectively woven into the fabric of national governance and business strategies, ensuring a secure digital future for citizens and enterprises alike.

3. Embracing Collaborative Cybersecurity Approaches: In our interconnected world, cybersecurity challenges cross borders and sectors. The RISE Conference emphasizes the need for a collaborative approach to cyber risks. Sessions will focus on fostering international cooperation, with particular attention to protecting vulnerable online populations, such as children, and combating emerging cyber threats. This collaborative ethos is critical for developing a unified front against cyber adversaries.

"Following the steps of previous successful RISE events hosted in Morocco in 2017, Kenya in 2018, and South Africa in 2022, we are excited to be working with RICTA.  Together, we will co-host and bring RISE to Rwanda in 2024.”

Jacomo Piccolini, Outreach Team, Team Cymru

Conclusion: The RISE Conference is more than just an event; it's a beacon for cybersecurity knowledge and collaboration in Rwanda and Africa. By addressing current and pressing cybersecurity challenges through expert-led discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities, we are paving the way for a safer digital future. Join us in shaping the conversation and solutions in the realm of cybersecurity.

Event Details: For additional information on the event schedule, expert speakers, and how to register, please visit,,Team Cymru's Event Page.

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