Leftover Lovers of Half-Life

Nightmare of Shady The Pink.

It was the day when my father crossed Chinese border, I’m not here to talk about casualties happened that day on border that day on Indian soil.

Despite knowing the fact dad was previously working with human rights groups and putting the dangerous work against state actors, my mother met my father that day on border showing the performing arts of trade-craft since she’s is Black Belt and quite good is all those sort of work.

My father said to my mother “Habibi, today & next 9 days their will be the casualties on different State borders and I will be filling several other casualties while crossing International borders touching Rajasthan”.

In reply to her boyfriend for life she said “ Ok, darl”.

He told me that day on first day in India after so many years, how he influence during the public matters with information operations during the time of “Modern krishi krantiin India during recent years, for it’s happening to successfully pass through.

On holding my hand and carrying me in her lap she said “ your dad is solely responsible for the “count to 10” putting the sites of Central actors on our damage controlled C2 servers.

On consuming the page fault of their server both of us are on verge of blow up the central system infrastructure & the day 2 of Tuesday comes up with Security Breach of High Command on visiting the modern developed Harappan civilized State”.

“Under developed State of Spy’s & Sparrow’s never faced such breach of security, it was well worked & planned efficient work of those under the hood working 36 hours out of 24 hours, people call it counter espionage leading to

cultivated conspiracy keeping secrets & giving benefit of doubts.” — he said.

On giving me glass of water she was walking & talking to him and saying “ wasn't they had leave them going on that day, only pausing it to the act of breach & not leading to it killing of High Command that day”.

To which he said — “ honey , go to sleep , it’s 10”.

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