Lastline Announces Superior Protection For Both Cloud-based and Customer-managed Email Systems

New best-in-class email security product protects Office 365 and Gmail users from evasive malware, phishing, account takeover, and other advanced threats.

REDWOOD CITY, CA, June 29, 2018Lastline®, the leader in advanced threat protection, today announced the immediate availability of Lastline Email Defender, a line of products that deliver an added layer of defense and unmatched protection for both cloud-based and customer-managed on-premises email deployments. The new products deliver superior protection from advanced threats that are engineered to defeat other security tools, including evasive malware, phishing attacks, business email compromise, and account takeover. The announcement includes Lastline Email Defender-Cloud, a new product that extends the power of Lastline’s advanced threat detection to cloud-native email applications, including Office 365 and Gmail.

“Email remains a primary attack vector for every organization, regardless of size or industry,” commented Christopher Kruegel, Lastline CEO and Co-founder. “Email-based attacks continue to succeed because advanced threat actors continue to improve techniques for bypassing both traditional and ‘next-generation’ security controls, leaving systems and data at risk. The Lastline Email Defender products detect these attacks before malware is delivered or systems and credentials are compromised.”

Lastline Email Defender products are designed to provide complete visibility into the malicious behavior that other technologies miss, regardless of how it is delivered: through on-premises or cloud-based email systems. The products use Deep Content Inspection™, a unique isolation and inspection environment, to interact with the malware and catalog every malicious behavior engineered into the malicious code. They also utilize machine learning algorithms that are essential for defeating phishing and account takeover attacks.

  • Lastline Email Defender-Cloud addresses the rise in attacks targeting cloud email and data following the rise in cloud adoption itself. Threat actors engineer their attacks to easily bypass the limited security controls built into cloud email services. Lastline Email Defender-Cloud provides unmatched threat protection for companies using Office 365 and Gmail as their corporate email platform. Organizations can secure cloud email against advanced malware attacks, phishing, business email compromise, and account takeover by scanning in-bound, outbound, and internal emails. Lastline Email Defender-Cloud can be quickly deployed and easily maintained because of the reliable native cloud API architecture that eliminates the need to change MX routing. Learn more and sign up for a free 14-day trial of Lastline Email Defender-Cloud.
  • Lastline Email Defender-Enterprise complements on-premises security controls like Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) that are effective for blocking some threats like spam, but cannot combat advanced threats. Lastline Email Defender-Enterprise protects customer-managed email as a complementary layer of defense, detecting the advanced email-based attacks that other technologies miss, without adding significant cost or complexity.

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Lastline, Inc. provides innovative network and email security products that detect and defeat cyberattacks. We deliver automated detection, analysis, and response to completely remediate advanced threats before damaging and costly data breaches occur, with fewer resources and at lower cost. Headquartered in Redwood City, California with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia, Lastline’s technology is used by Global 5000 enterprises, is offered directly and through resellers and security service providers, and is integrated into leading third-party security technologies worldwide.

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