Jingle Bells, Phishing Tales: Reflecting on Cybersecurity in the Holiday Spirit

In this special Holiday edition of Discarded, the tables are turned with hosts, Selena and Crista, becoming the answer-ers, our returning Moderator, Mindy Semling, as the question asker, and our wonderful audience is transformed into Cyber Elves.

This conversation is lively and filled with questions from a variety of engaged audience members. (Thank you to everyone who contributed). Questions range from career advice for aspiring Cyber Threat Analysts, to certain threats exploding in popularity, to a reflection of 2023.

The Discarded Podcast team would like to take a moment and thank the following people for their contributions to the Cyber Security Landscape this year:

  • Pim Trouerbach
  • Kelsey Merriman
  • Tommy Madjar
  • Bryan Campbell
  • Greg Lesnewich
  • Kyle Eaton
  • Joe Wise
  • Emerging Threats team
  • The overall Proofpoint Team, including, but not limited to our PR and marketing teams

Resources mentioned:

Youtube: Katie Nickels Sans Threat Analysis Rundown










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