iVerify is now an independent company!

We’re proud to announce that iVerify is now an independent company following its four-year incubation at Trail of Bits. Originally developed in-house to ensure that our personal phones, which store data essential to our work and private lives, were secured to the standards of security professionals, iVerify quickly showed that it could be valuable to the public:

“The mobile security market has a problem. Simply put, current solutions fail to meet the sophistication of modern threats or the growing privacy desires of mobile device users… Forensics tools are limited, and researchers are not necessarily equipped to rapidly discover and alert targets that their device has been compromised in a timely manner.

[iVerify’s] vision is to arm organizations and individuals with the protection they need in this changing world. We are building the first mobile threat hunting company focused on countering the emerging mobile spyware threat.” – iVerify

Trail of Bits launched the iVerify security toolkit for iPhones in 2019, an enterprise product in 2020, then an Android app in 2021. Now, with $4 million in seed funding, iVerify plans to expand its capabilities to reach more enterprise customers.

At the helm are four Trail of Bits alumni: Matthias Frielingsdorf, Jelmer de Hen, and Vlad Orlov, who join CEO Danny Rogers. Their contributions to making iVerify an essential consumer and enterprise product motivated investors, including Mischief Ventures, Mantis Venture Capital, Altman Capital, and others.

“It’s rare for a seed startup to have the impressive portfolio of enterprise customers that iVerify already has. It’s also rare to find a founding team with the technical prowess and the business mindset to build something that is both technically sound and commercially viable.” – Dustin Moring, General Partner at Mischief Ventures (lead investor).

We couldn’t agree more. Thank you to the team and everyone who has contributed to iVerify’s success. We’re excited to watch from the sidelines as iVerify leads the cause in safeguarding individual and organizational device security.


Read the entire press release to learn more about iVerify’s product offerings and plans for growth, and check out additional coverage from around the web:

If you’re as enthusiastic about the mission and potential of iVerify as we are, consider becoming a part of their groundbreaking journey. They’re on the lookout for talented individuals who can help turn their vision for a safer mobile ecosystem into reality. Here are the current opportunities they have open:

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