Is your Mobile API under silent attack?

How well protected are your mobile apps? Pretty Secure? What about the mobile API they rely on? This could be the weakest link in 's AppSec armor. Data from Positive Technologies’ customers suggests as much as 15% of all traffic to the average mobile API comes from illegitimate sources.

​​​​​​​Data scraping that attacks your bottom line 

​​​​​​​The more you secure your mobile apps, the more hackers are using automated scripts (bots) and modified or faked apps to bypass them and make direct calls to your mobile API.

Their target may be to scrape your data for competitive purposes, commit fraud, create fake accounts for phishing or spamming, or even to hijack your customers’ genuine accounts. All of these have serious implications for your revenue, costs and reputation.

So how come you’re not aware of this illegitimate traffic? Because your existing security systems probably can’t even see it!

​​​​​​​Get Practical Bot-Mitigation Advice 

On April 12 join our free webinar to learn how you can protect your business from Mobile API bot attacks and prevent damage to your revenue and brand.

Get top tips for bot-mitigation from the Application Security experts at Positive Technologies and software analysis firm CriticalBlue.

They’ll explain why existing security technologies like WAFs and API gateways struggle to identify this kind of fake traffic. And they’ll introduce a new, joint solution combining visionary WAF technology from PT Application Firewall with antibot intelligence from Approov to deliver 360-degree protection for both the mobile and web channels of your business.

This webinar is designed for anyone who is concerned about application security and the risk to their business. We won’t assume you are already an AppSec expert, and you won’t need extensive technical knowledge to benefit from the team’s insights.

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