Intelligence Where You Need It: What’s New in Recorded Future This Fall

Every single day, we’re bombarded with headlines about major data breaches affecting millions of people, whole municipalities having their networks held hostage by ransomware attacks, and nation-state actors influencing public opinion. Cyber threats are constantly evolving as adversaries continuously hone their skills, change tactics to cover up their tracks, and launch increasingly sophisticated attacks. Just as in life, the only constant in cybersecurity is change.

For the past decade, Recorded Future has focused on delivering intelligence that empowers organizations to embrace a proactive cybersecurity approach. As the dynamic threat landscape continues to change, standing still is simply not an option — and we too have continued our organizational evolution.

The term threat intelligence no longer encompasses all that we do — such as brand protection and third-party risk reduction — which is why we’re introducing a new concept: security intelligence. This term, and overall philosophy, accurately reflects our mission to amplify the effectiveness of all security teams and tools by exposing unknown threats, informing better decisions, and driving a common understanding to accelerate risk reduction across the organization.

Recorded Future’s fall product updates bring new innovation across the three underlying principles of security intelligence: threat intelligence, brand protection, and third-party risk reduction. These enhancements work in concert to help security teams further simplify workflows, gain deeper context of threats facing their organization, and build confidence to make even better, faster decisions.

Threat Intelligence Where You Need It

Now, you can use Recorded Future intelligence with new tools, security processes, and use cases to:

  • Proactively block validated indicators of threats directly in firewalls and endpoint security solutions using Security Control Feeds, evidence-based indicators that are collected, curated, and certified by Recorded Future
  • Utilize our new SOAR API for higher-volume orchestration and automation use cases, such as enrichment and correlation
  • Resolve incidents faster in ServiceNow with our new security incident response integration

Stronger Brand Protection With Increased Domain Coverage

Catch even more typosquatted domains and phishing threats by alerting in our Intelligence Goals Library on new certificate registrations for domains likely to be weaponized in the wild. This new domain data captures fully qualified domain names (FQDN), not just apex domains, and also triggers domain risk rules and provides a stronger signal for typosquat analysis for our clients.

Third-Party Risk Context for Confident Action

Enhancements to our third-party risk offerings enable you to:

  • View a third party’s risk history to see how its risk score, compared to its peers, has changed over time for more confident decision-making
  • Access more context with risk rule guidance in company Intelligence Cards to understand what a risk rule means, why it is deemed risky, and what you should consider doing about it
  • Continuously monitor your third-party ecosystem within ServiceNow with our new third-party risk management integration

Real-Time Alerting for All Solutions

Our security intelligence philosophy is all about driving efficiencies and helping you work smarter and faster. Take your first step by receiving alerts on the Recorded Future mobile app! Select which alerts you want to receive and review relevant Intelligence Cards on the go. Download the Recorded Future mobile app today from Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS devices.

And if you’re looking for some help prioritizing those alerts, there’s the new Daily Alert Summary offering. Delivered every weekday by Recorded Future analysts, this daily summary includes vital analysis and context for each relevant alert, so you can quickly determine which alerts should be resolved first, and easily dive into more information if further investigation is required. With the Daily Alert Summary at your fingertips, you can reduce investigation time, prioritize focus, and resolve more incidents faster.

Want to dig deeper into our latest enhancements? Explore our security intelligence philosophy even further or download the newly released second edition of our book, “The Threat Intelligence Handbook: Moving Toward a Security Intelligence Program.”

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