How ManoMano Defends Against Underground Data Marketplaces With Elite Security Intelligence

ManoMano, Europe’s leading marketplace for do-it-yourself home improvement and gardening online, relies on elite security intelligence from Recorded Future to:

  • Detect data and credential leaks on the dark web
  • Pinpoint and prevent future phishing attacks
  • Continuously monitor their tech stack for vulnerabilities to enable secure remote work
  • Protect their third-party ecosystem of suppliers and third-party web services

E-Commerce Is Under Attack

As consumers are motivated to stay — and shop — at home like never before, e-commerce sales are skyrocketing.

This unprecedented growth has brought unwelcome attention from threat actors, who are dialing up distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS), credit card fraud, and malware infections. They’re also deploying armies of “bad bots” that are able to test-drive stolen credit card data and credentials, and price-scrape to undercut the competition.

At ManoMano, security is paramount. The French e-commerce company recognizes that to earn — and keep — public trust, they must vigorously protect their customer and seller data. To do this, they rely on elite security intelligence from Recorded Future.

Breaking Into Genesis Store

In this case study, discover how unprecedented intelligence from Recorded Future empowers ManoMano to identify, and even anticipate the next cyber threat to the business, while focusing team efforts on mitigating the threats that matter most.

Fabien Lemarchand, ManoMano’s CISO says, “Security intelligence is like an Oracle, providing you a clear vision of what is happening on the web, what is happening around your business, and empowering you to focus on the right threats.”

Read the case study now to explore:

  • What ManoMano discovered in a real-world investigation of the Genesis Store, a massive underground criminal account shop.
  • How ManoMano puts the mantra “Know your enemy, find threats, and remediate them with excellence” to practice.
  • How real-time security intelligence enables the ManoMano team to mitigate credential theft and protect its newly remote workforce.
  • The team’s plans to incorporate security intelligence into new areas of the business to amplify risk reduction.

Learn more about ManoMano’s security intelligence journey with Recorded Future in this case study.

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