Hex-rays is moving to a Subscription model!

Hex-rays is moving to a subscription model


From 2022/01/01 we will update the catalogue of products available under our subscription model.

Our new bundles are HEX-RAYS Base, HEX-RAYS Core and HEX-RAYS Ultra. Those, in addition to our existing products IDA Pro Standalone and IDA Home will be available under the new subscription model only. We have halved the price of our products on this new model and hope that it will allow more users to access the software.

IDA Home
cloud-based x64, PPC64, MIPS64 or ARM64 decompiler (beta)

Named: 330€/365$

IDA Pro Standalone
available as a standalone product
disassembly only (no decompilers).

Named/Computer: 799€/899$
Floating: 1199€/1349$
x86 & x64 decompilers

Named/Computer: 2599€/2919$
Floating: 3899€/4379$
x86, x64, ARM & ARM64 decompilers

Named/Computer: 4399€/4939$
Floating: 6599€/7399$
x86, x64, ARM, ARM64, PPC, PPC64, MIPS & MIPS64 decompilers
Named/Computer: 7089€/7969$
Floating: 10639€/11949$

With a subscription you will have access to the latest version of the purchased software, technical support by email, hot fixes for serious issues and vulnerabilities as well as participation in our user-only online forum.

After 2022/01/01 you will only be able to purchase a subscription for one of our bundles or IDA Pro Standalone and IDA Home. You will no longer be able to choose individual combinations.

Our new web shop will allow you to purchase a bundle directly from our website as well as renew subscriptions online.

You can find our transition plan as well as more information and FAQ’s here. Contact [email protected] for more info.

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