Fake Royal Bank of Canada RE: Instructions de transfert delivers Trickbot


This example is today’s latest spoof or imitation of a well-known company, bank or public authority delivering Trickbot banking Trojan. The email with the subject of “RE: Instructions de transfert ” pretends to come from RBC Royal Bank of Canada but actually comes from “[email protected]” which is a look-a-like,  typo-squatted or other domain that can easily be misidentified, mistaken or confused with the genuine site.  You need to look very carefully to see the 0 (zero) in the fake domain name instead of the O. It is slightly clearer in lowercase, but still close enough to confuse many recipients  (r0yalbank.com.). … Continue reading →

Article Link: https://myonlinesecurity.co.uk/fake-royal-bank-of-canada-re-instructions-de-transfert-delivers-trickbot/