Episode 26 with Katelyn Bowden

Happy Election Day! This week on Moscow Mules and NOP Slides, we have we have Katelyn Bowden. Are you a sucker for a good pun? Well take a listen. Katelyn sips on a Jose Cuervo Margarita out of one of the best glasses we have had from a guest (listen to find out more). We talk about Wu-Tang Clan, Moose Jesus, and rugby. Katelyn then discusses her mask making adventure during the pandemic. She then talks about founding an organization to fight against revenge porn. David and I get educated on the process of how to safely send nudes on the Internet. We conclude with Katelyn telling us about the importance of the EARN IT Act. If you or anyone else needs more information on the EARN IT Act and privacy be sure to check out EFF.  

Dave drinks on a Minkey Boodle from Thin Man Brewery out of a Chug Jug from Frit Glass. 

Kyle sips on a Rye Barrel Aged Gratitude from East End Brewery out of Clear Nero MegaWu glass.

Thank you to Katelyn for being a guest and the great conversation! We hope you enjoy. Please don't forget to subscribe!

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