CyberX Selected as “Hot IoT Security Company” by Network World

What they do: Provide IIoT and ICS cybersecurity software
Year founded: 2013
Funding: $48 million
Headquarters: Waltham, Mass.

CEO: Omer Schneider. Prior to co-founding CyberX, Schneider spent more than seven years as a commander in the Israel Defense Forces where he led a blue-team cybersecurity unit tasked with protecting critical national infrastructure.

Problem they solve: IIoT creates an attack surface of billions of online devices, and the increased connectivity between IT and OT networks brings previously isolated environments online as well. This introduces new risks, such as downtime from software failures and dangerous cyber-physical safety incidents.

How they solve it: CyberX’s agentless platform enables organizations to continuously auto-discover and fingerprint unmanaged IIoT and ICS devices and networks. The platform monitors production networks for destructive cyberattacks, and its ICS-aware threat analytics and machine-learning technology protect against zero-day threats.

CyberX uses passive monitoring and network traffic analysis to provide deep, real-time visibility into IIoT/ICS networks without impacting performance. Delivered as a preconfigured physical or virtual appliance, CyberX says its platform can typically deliver actionable insights less than an hour after being connected to the network.

The platform gathers information about organizations’ IIoT and ICS devices, including manufacturer, device type, firmware version, protocols, etc. It updates operators on vulnerabilities and risks, and produces an overall risk score with mitigation advice. It reports on unpatched CVEs, rogue devices, unauthorized connections to the Internet, unauthorized subnet connections to IT networks, vulnerable firewall rules, unauthorized WAPs and more.

CyberX provides automated threat-modeling to predict the most likely paths attackers would take to compromise an organization’s assets. Security analysts can then simulate mitigations, such as patching and segmentation, to eliminate these attack paths, before deploying them.

Competitors include: Check Point, Symantec, McAfee, Darktrace, Tenable, Indegy, Armis, Sentryo, and Claroty

Customers include: Teva Pharmaceuticals, Scotia Gas Networks, Adani Power, First Quality Enterprises and Deutsche-Telekom

Why they’re a hot startup to watch: CyberX hits the trifecta:1) they have big VC backing; 2) a strong leadership team with an extensive track record of exits (the senior leadership’s exit experience includes Rapid7’s and Check Point’s IPOs, the sale of Guardium to IMB, and HP’s $1.5B acquisition of ArcSight); and 3) an impressive list of named customers.

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