Cook With Carve: Baked Chicken Katsu

Tonkatsu is a popular Japanese fast food made of fried breaded pork topped with a rich savory sauce. This recipe is inauthentic in every way, but it's almost as good, way easier to make in a home kitchen, and healthier. Instead of pork, it uses chicken; instead of frying, it's baked; and instead of real tonkatsu sauce, it's a quick homemade mixture that tastes almost the same.

1. Preheat oven to 400
2. Toast panko on medium heat in pan with a little olive oil until golden. Mix occasionally to keep bottom from burning, but not too much because it can turn the panko into powder
3. Whisk egg with a little water in a wide shallow bowl
4. Put some flour on another plate
5. Get out pieces of chicken. They shouldn't be too thick, so if using big thighs or breasts, cut them in half horizontally. I used "breast tenders" this time and those worked well
6. Dip chicken in flour, egg, and panko (coat thoroughly), and transfer to wire rack over baking tray. Kenji protip: use a toothpick to  move the meat around--it's way cleaner and easier. For a thicker coating, do flour egg flour egg (flour egg) panko
7. Cook 25-30 minutes

For tonkatsu sauce, mix:
- ketchup (4 parts)
- Worcestershire sauce (3 parts)
- oyster sauce (2 parts)
- sugar (less than 1 part)
All amounts are to taste. I eyeballed it this time and it worked out. I think I used a recipe with soy sauce instead of oyster sauce a while ago too. Note that this is just an easy facsimile. Real tonkatsu sauce is made from scratch in a similar way to Worcestershire sauce.

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