Control Panel Version


  • An error loading the Hornetsecurity Outlook Add-in has been fixed, which was introduced with version
  • An error related to the deployment of e-trainings of the Security Awarenes Service has been fixed.
  • The chat function was not displayed in version, this problem has been fixed.
  • In the Email Live Tracking of the User Panel, emails of the domain selected in the Control Panel were displayed for administrators. Now only the emails of the logged in user are displayed.
  • After changing the language, the titles of e-trainings are displayed in the correct language.
  • The colors of the categories in the Security Awareness Service → Statistics module in the training progress statistics in the tooltip now match the table view.
  • Users with the “security_awareness” role can now access the Security Awareness Service → Statistics → E-Training and Security Awareness Service → Configuration → E-Training modules again.
  • Excluded users are no longer displayed in the statistics under Security Awareness Service → Statistics → Training status → Users. The user’s assigned group is also displayed again.
  • The correct number of users is now displayed under Users in training in the Security Awareness Service → Statistics → E-Training → Users in booster training statistics.
  • The language selection in the detail view of e-trainings has been removed.

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