Control Panel Version (Coming Soon)


  • In the “Security Awareness Service” module, when activating the add-in for reporting phishing emails, administrators can now specify an email address from their domain (e. g. the address of their IT support team). Reported emails that are not part of the simulation are forwarded to this email address.


  • The onboarding to 365 Total Protection has been revised.
  • An error when defining the default user rights settings in the “Spam and Malware Protection” module during the onboarding to 365 Total Protection has been fixed. Now, by default, users will only be able to deliver “Infomail” and “Spam” emails from quarantine again.
  • In the “365 Total Protection” module, an error when enabling the button to start the upgrade has been fixed.
  • A display error regarding the link to the privacy policy has been fixed in the “365 Total Protection” module.

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