Control Panel Version


  • Now, deleted mailboxes are displayed for one year in the “Mailbox reassignment” tab of the “Mailboxes” module. During this period, administrators can assign those mailboxes to other users, who thereby gain access to all data related to the emails of those mailboxes in the Control Panel. Emails from deleted mailboxes are also displayed to administrators in the Control Panel. The assignments have an unlimited duration and persist even after the deleted mailboxes are no longer displayed in “Mailboxes”.
  • Users entitled to technical support now have a chat function that allows certain users to contact our support directly. The entitlement to support depends on the customer’s contract. The chat function is primarily intended for administrators. The chat can be opened by clicking on an icon in the bottom right corner of the Control Panel. To reduce response times to a minimum, this icon is only displayed when technical support employees are actually available.
  • A new layout for quarantine reports has been introduced. If an administrator selects this layout for their users, a “Never show sender” button appears. This button allows users to add senders to their deny list. Emails from senders on the deny list are no longer displayed to users in subsequent quarantine reports.


  • In the “Email Encryption” module, the length limit of the “First name” and “Last name” fields has been increased to 255 characters.
  • An error in the delivery of outgoing emails by auditors has been fixed.
  • The deletion of emails from Microsoft 365 mailboxes in the “Email Live Tracking” module is now documented in the “Audit 2.0” module.
  • An error message has been updated in the “Domains” module.
  • An error when editing rules in the “Compliance Filter” module has been fixed.
  • An error while saving rules in the “Email Encryption” module has been fixed.
  • A link in the “Deny & Allow Lists” module has been fixed.
  • In the “Email Live Tracking” module, the display of actions for emails on mobile devices has been improved.
  • A display error in the “Email Encryption” module has been fixed.
  • The synchronization of Microsoft 365 mailboxes has been optimized.
  • The display of licenses in 365 Total Protection has been optimized.

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