Committee orders complete redrafting of Biometric Bills as privacy safeguards are deemed inadequate- Comment

The Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security has declined to recommend the passage of Australia’s pair of Biometric Bills, with a bipartisan agreement being reached that the privacy safeguards are not sufficient in their current form.The committee has instead requested the Identity-matching Services Bill 2019 be completely redrafted, ZDNet reported.

Commenting on the news, Robert Meyers, Compliance and Privacy Professional at One Identity, stated:

Australia is in an interesting situation with wanting greater inter-agency data sharing and expanding their privacy foundations. Recently, the country has made a large push for additional privacy impact assessments (for both government and business) while working up their new regulations. Breach notification improvements were one of the noted areas where improvement was required by many privacy professionals. It caused them to step back and really review their privacy risk management and notification standards.

Pulling back and rewriting these new regulations to include greater privacy and breach notification controls is a great step for them to take on these new laws. This is especially important with regard to building a privacy foundation in Australia. Currently, they are falling behind on privacy, and the government knows it. This could be the first step towards moving from being a follower in the privacy world, forward towards becoming a privacy leader.



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