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We’re very pleased to announce that Binary Ninja Cloud is live!

This free service is still in beta and you can track our progress and roadmap via the project’s github page as well as file any bugs you find.

Feel free to go check it out right away or read on for more details on the current features and future plans.


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Our goals for Binary Ninja Cloud are two-fold. First, we want to better support students and hobbyists and those that can’t afford commercial licenses for reverse engineering. The more people that have access to quality reverse engineering technology, the better off the community is.

Second, lots of interesting research in reverse engineering would benefit from a corpus of reverse engineering results. If you’re interested in partnering with us to do useful things with that data, please get in touch.

Current Features

The beta release of Binary Ninja Cloud includes many of the core, fundamental, features of Binary Ninja that you know and love along with a few new special features just for the web.

  • bnil - Reverse engineer using our BNIL family of intermediate languages without knowing the native architecture.
  • annotations - You can make all the typical changes you’d expect: display-as, renaming, comments, etc.
  • collaboration - Out of the box you can either make your session public to allow others to view your session, or you can make it private and optionally share it with specific users.


Of course, as in any beta product there are features that aren’t quite ready yet. Here’s a short look at our current plans. Of course, you can also check out the raw data on our current milestones page.


Some time in the next few weeks expect to see the following features that we’re considering critical for our official v1.0 release:

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  • go-to - This simple but important feature is coming very soon!
  • types - The core Binary Ninja library being used in cloud is the same as the desktop and it supports the same type system. We’re just polishing the UI elements to support it fully on cloud.
  • embedding/sharing - We can’t wait to see community writeups leveraging the ability to embed a Binary Ninja analysis session into an existing webpage and direct link to live analysis sessions.
  • better mobile support - While the current beta is actually usable on mobile devices, we’d like to spend some time polishing that support with better zoom and swipe gestures, and UI elements designed specifically for mobile devices.
  • collaboration enhancements - Better control over sharing, copy-on-write, read-only-sharing, and other settings are planned to allow you better control over how much access to your databases you share
  • native integration - We want to better integrate the native client so you can take local work and export it easily to cloud to share with others.

Further out

Beyond v1.0, some of our longer term plans include:

  • enterprise integration - If you’re interested in the forthcoming enterprise, we plan to offer an offline version of Binary Ninja Cloud built right into the enterprise server itself. This on-prem solution will let you share your private databases internally without having to install the native client.
  • decompiler integration - We’re actively working on our HLIL/decompiler capability now and we plan to include those with cloud soon after they’re available natively.
  • alternate design testing - We care a lot about usability and interface design at Vector 35. We’re always looking for ways to improve workflows for reverse engineering and we’re excited to be able to test different UI designs using the easy mutability of the web. That said, we’ll always let you opt-out if you’d rather stick with the default interface.

Not planned

Unfortunately, we do not plan to add support for an embedded python console or third-party plugins to the cloud infrastructure at this time. This restriction is primarily for security and performance reasons. That’s ok though because we’re not doing away with our native versions. We expect many of our users will still choose to gain the benefits of our API for plugins and the abilty to work offline and that’s totally ok with us.

Check it out!

Still here? Why haven’t you already navigated away to play with it? Make sure to file any bugs so we can get them fixed quickly.

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