Carding market “BidenCash” disclosed 7.9 million cards


Executive Summary

  • On June 15th, 2022, a user who is operating the carding market “BidenCash” uploaded an advertisement with a link for downloading free carding information on underground forums.
  • From April 27, 2022, until now, the user has been active on underground forums that trade carding information such as Blackbones, Crdpro, and Club2CRD.
  • 7,948,828 carding information is freely available on the BidenCash market, and the information includes the cardholder’s name, city, country, bank, address, phone number, etc. Some information also includes the card number and CVV information.
  • After analysis, a total of 6,487 card numbers were found on the market as below.

— Excluding invalid card numbers, 1,427 valid numbers were found.

— 13 duplicated card numbers were found from the “AllWorldCards leak”, disclosed on August 3rd, 2021.

— A total of 4 instances including all the information such as the card number/CVV/expiration date was found, but all were expired.

Detailed Analysis

BidenCash Market

BidenCash market sells and promotes roughly 7.9 million card information from all over the world.

Screenshot of BidenCash Market

BidenCash advertisement on the underground forums

  • 2022–04–27, “BidenCash, BidenCash — Best CC from white house” on Blackbones forum
Source: S2W Quaxar
  • 2022–04–27, “BidenCash, BidenCash — Best CC from white house ” on Crdpro forum
Source: S2W QuaxarBidenCash registered a sponsored advertisement on Crdpro forum.
  • 2022–04–27, “BidenCash, BidenCash — Best CC from white house ” on XSS forum
Source: S2W Quaxar
  • 2022–05–05, “BidenCash, BidenCash — Best CC from white house ” on Club2CRD forum
Source: S2W Quaxar
  • 2022–06–15, “BidenCash, BidenCash — 7.9m card holders leak! BANK NAME + HOLDER NAME + ADDRESS” on Club2CRD
Source: S2W Quaxar
  • 2022–06–15, Disclosed public database including carding information on BidenCash market
Source: S2W Quaxar


Top 10 countries

Top 10 countriesTop 10 countries

Top 10 banks

Top 10 banksTop 10 banks


  • Among the carding data disclosed by BidenCash, we found 1,427 card numbers and 4 instances where the card number/CVV/expiration date was available.
  • It is estimated that they started promoting their market on April 27, 2022. While operating the market on both underground and Tor networks, it has built up a reputation among underground communities.
  • As the carding information being uploaded to the BidenCash market can be abused by cybercriminals, it is necessary to continuously monitor the disclosed carding information.


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