2018 in Review: Beyond the FUD

Looking back over 2018, we saw the good and bad that comes with widespread use and abuse of the Internet. Data breaches continued throughout the year, with several in 2018 being among the largest of all time. In the fourth quarter alone, Marriott and Quora announced major breaches affecting 600 million people. And what thanks do we get? Ryuk, a ransomware attack that halted the distribution of some of the nation’s largest newspapers. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

A study from Accenture out earlier in the year found that while the number of cyberattacks against organizations have more than doubled, nearly 87 percent of them are prevented. That’s an increase of 17 percent from 2017.

While the Accenture findings demonstrate that organizations are performing better at mitigating the impact of cyberattacks, they still have more work to do. Only two out of five organizations are currently investing in breakthrough technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation, indicating there is ground to be gained by increasing investment in cyber resilience solutions.

A look back at some of the breakthroughs of 2018

If you follow the cybersecurity industry, you would have been hard pressed to miss MITRE ATT&CK™ last year - the impressive new model of attacker behavior built into advanced endpoint protection technology. Using the ATT&CK framework an organization can assess their visibility against targeted attacks with the tools they already have deployed. In the case of Ryuk, aligning coverage across ATT&CK would enable detection as the adversary is pre-positioning.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning security technologies, combined with human expertise, have rapidly evolved to offer a promising path forward. While machine learning eliminates the failure of signature-based technologies, such as traditional AV, it can simultaneously learn from the behavior of malware inside a network to predict and prevent future attacks. This human-computer interaction is designed to equip security practitioners with the tools they need to better protect their organizations.

With these and other advancements in cyber technology, organizations stand a better chance against attacks than ever before. The challenge now is for the cybersecurity industry to make it easy for organizations to adopt next-generation endpoint protection.

Making endpoint protection as simple as AV

Endgame is proud to lead the market with a completely original and publicly-validated endpoint protection platform. It incorporates AI-backed, natural language understanding technology to reduce the specialized labor bottleneck that security leaders face and enable IT operations personnel to effectively defend their enterprise. Endgame complements this usability with operational flexibility via a delivery model that supports cloud and on-premises options to accommodate the global compliance requirements of complex organizations. And, it’s all run on a single autonomous agent providing both online and disconnected endpoints complete prevention, detection, and response across the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

Endgame is purpose-built to consistently block a wide range of attacks, including those such as Ryuk, which can exploit a new vulnerability and spread rapidly across a network. Our layered prevention technology protects organizations from all forms of targeted and never-before-seen attacks, including ransomware, malware, phishing and fileless attacks.

2019 is the year that enterprises take back the endpoint, demand real time visibility and the assurance of endpoint protection without the operational cost and risk of incessant signature file updates, new modules per attacker technique, and missed exploits. This is the year that attack prevention, and detection and response automation, makes it easy to say yes to AV replacement.

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