Your App, Our Security: Zimperium Launches Latest Version of Machine Learning-Based Security for Mobile Apps

Zimperium is announcing the availability of the latest version of zIAP, our industry-leading, machine learning-based mobile security solution developed specifically to embed into existing mobile apps.

Organizations who build mobile apps frequently struggle with how to successfully meet the critical need to protect sensitive data, reduce fraud and ensure security for mobile users. zIAP meets this need through its delivery in a software developer’s kit (SDK) format which leverages Zimperium’s machine learning technology to detect and stop cyberattacks whenever the app is accessed by end users.

zIAP is the only solution that delivers enterprise-grade security via a mobile application update, successfully allowing organizations to protect themselves and their mobile apps’ end users against operating system (OS) exploits, network attacks and malware. By using zIAP, organizations can have more visibility than ever before into what threats their apps are facing after they are deployed on customers’ devices.

zIAP is powered by Zimperium’s patented z9 engine, which delivers on-device, machine learning-based detection to protect mobile applications and data at machine speed, without the delays and limitations of cloud-based solutions. z9 has detected every mobile exploit over the last five years, on-device and without requiring updates.

zIAP Key Features

The key features of the updated version of zIAP include:

  • A SDK form factor that allows integration via a simple update of the customer’s app
  • 100 percent adoption rates, as no additional user actions or app downloads are required
  • Protection against device, network and malware-based attacks
  • Existing deployments are protecting tens of millions of mobile users
  • Providing visibility to prevent billions in potential fraud
  • Improved app tampering detection

zIAP Case Study

Zimperium’s customers are identifying and stopping hundreds of thousands of threats, protecting their users and reducing business risk by deploying zIAP. In 30 days, one zIAP customer identified:

  • 900,000 threats
  • 26,000 attacks
  • 2,500 Man in the Middle (MiTM) threats
  • 1,500 Rogue access points
  • 16,000 rooted/jailbroken devices

zIAP has provided this customer with visibility into more than $1 billion in potential fraud. Click here for more detailed information. Although these statistics represent the experience of one organization, statistics are similar across all zIAP customers.

A free trial of the entirely new zIAP console is now available. Please contact Zimperium for more information.

Zimperium will host a free webinar to introduce the latest version of zIAP on November 14, 2018 at 10 a.m. CT. Please register to attend.

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