Why We’re Different: Always-on Detection

As attack surfaces grow outside the corporate firewall, cybersecurity teams need to be able to do two things well and at-scale: discover unknowns and investigate threats across their organization’s digital presence. The basis of these two capabilities is always-on detection. 

Reliable threat detection has never been more critical now that COVID-19 has changed the way we do business, spreading our operations and entire staff outside the corporate perimeter to the open internet and cloud. The rush to stand up new assets and systems to enable a remote workforce has led to an increase in shadow IT activities and potential access points for hackers—a 112% boost in VPN usage and 26.11% increase in Microsoft Remote Access Gateway instances, to name a couple.

With attack surfaces expanding quicker and more radically than ever before, and the threat landscape growing along with them, organizations need proactive threat detection that sees their entire digital presence for what it really is and, as importantly, never takes a break. 

This post is the second of an eight-part blog series exploring what makes RiskIQ different in a crowded, noisy market. Today we’ll outline RiskIQ’s always-on detection. 

Always-on detection requires full visibility

For more than ten years, RiskIQ has been crawling and absorbing the internet to define the web’s composition so we can show customers how they, and the attackers targeting them, fit inside it. In the first blog in this series, we talked about how fingerprinting each component, connection, service, IP-connected device, and piece of infrastructure across the web helps us build the most powerful and detailed Internet Intelligence graph available. 

This graph provides visibility that’s key to always-on detection—it can see the entire internet and deeply understand each organization’s unique space therein. By knowing which assets an organization owns, how those assets change, and how threat actors across the web are targeting them with rogue assets, RiskIQ can accurately and continuously identify risks and threats. 

You can’t detect threats if you don’t know what you own

Much of an organization’s attack surface is unknown to IT teams—in-house shadow IT, assets created by third-parties, and assets spun-up by threat actors that are purpose-built to attack their business, employees, and customers. RiskIQ’s threat detection is unique because it alerts security teams to all of it. 

RiskIQ maintains a complete inventory of a customer’s internet-exposed digital assets and issues alerts as soon as someone in the company stands up something new, something becomes vulnerable, or something changes that could indicate a compromise, such as the JavaScript on a webpage. With our internet-wide visibility, we also alert customers as soon a threat actor stands up rogue infrastructure targeting them—typosquatting domains, phishing pages leveraging their logo, malicious mobile apps, etc. 

While simulating the actions of real users, RiskIQ’s global virtual user network continuously extracts, analyzes, and assembles internet data from the entire IPV4 space, covering more ground than any other platform. As we accumulate this data, our proprietary systems are continuously updating each customer’s unique Intelligence Graph and alerting them immediately as vulnerabilities and threats traverse it. 

Continuous detection = Scaled security

By continuously monitoring the entire web at scale with RiskIQ, organizations can reduce personnel resources, improve accuracy, and minimize costs. These are just a few ways how: 

  • RiskIQ’s unique visibility detects threats and malicious behaviors designed to elude security scanners such as malware injection, sophisticated website defacement, DNS hijacking, and domain ownership hijacking.
  • By illuminating what were formerly blind assets, RiskIQ allows security teams to put policies against them and gain control. This inventory also helps vulnerability management programs and penetration testing teams know which assets to evaluate. 
  • RiskIQ’s proprietary instrumentation and algorithms bring an organization’s entire attack surface together in one pane of glass. All you need is an internet connection. 
  • Continuous encoding, security research, and analysis by RiskIQ’s team of data scientists and threat researchers enable detection of the latest threats targeting businesses. 
  • Quick, accurate detection enables fast remediation and proactive blocking of attacks.

Turn on continuous, attack surface-wide threat detection

Always-on detection enables your security team to discover unknowns and quickly investigate threats across your digital attack surface. Find out more by scheduling a demo here

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