Who Are Those Bots?, (Tue, Feb 15th)

I’m operating a mail server for multiple domains. This server is regularly targeted by bots that launch brute-force attacks to try to steal credentials. They try a list of common usernames but they also try targeted ones based on a list of email addresses that have been crawled. The mail server is protected by several security controls. One of them is an automatic blocking of offending IP addresses to slow down such kinds of attacks (brute-force) but I noticed that this technique was less and less relevant. Indeed, when a new wave of connections is launched, they are coming from a lot of different IP addresses that just test a few credentials and, therefore, do not trigger the automatic blocking. I extracted the list of IP addresses that generated authentication failures for the last 30 days and got a list of 11K addresses. They are part of botnets used to launch these attacks. But who are those bots? What kind of host are we facing?

Article Link: https://isc.sans.edu/diary/rss/28342