Webinar: Real World Examples of Mobile Threats Detected at a Hospital

Webinar reveals how hospitals and healthcare organizations can protect patient and company data with mobile threat defense.

Zimperium is providing customers, media and the general public with a live webinar in which they will learn about the mobile threats hospitals and healthcare organizations are facing via a real-life example from a Zimperium customer. The webinar will review how these threats can gain access to sensitive patient and company data and how organizations can protect themselves and their patients with mobile threat defense. Zimperium executive, JT Keating, vice president of product strategy, will lead the session and answer questions.

WHO: Zimperium, a global leader in enterprise mobile threat defense (MTD) and a leading provider of real-time, on-device protection against known and unknown mobile threats.

TITLE: Real World Examples: Mobile Threats Detected at a Hospital

WHAT: In this webinar, Zimperium will review the real-life threats it detected for one of its hospital customers. Attendees will learn about:

  • The mobile threats facing hospitals and healthcare
  • How these threats can gain access to patient and company data
  • The specific mobile security requirements mandated by HIPAA
  • How you can protect your patients and organization with mobile threat defense

WHY: According to Verizon’s inaugural Mobile Security Index 2018, 35% of healthcare organizations suffered data loss or downtime due to a mobile device security incident. As the use of mobile devices continues to increase in order to improve patient care, it’s vital for healthcare organizations to have a complete enterprise mobile security solution that meets compliance standards, addresses privacy concerns and can be easily maintained in a BYOD environment.

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WHEN: October 24, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. CT (15:00 GMT)

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