Webinar Announcement: Microlearning for Macro Results

Training and education models of the past are antiquated and ineffective, and when it comes to the risk of your company and clients that simply isn’t good enough.

Our webinar for March will focus on a new and improved education model that can be built out as part of an organization’s security awareness training.


When you were in school, be it a small classroom or a large lecture hall, a majority of classes were run the same way. You had a specific subject to learn, the class would involve a lecture or in a rare case a lab, and then outside of that time you have readings to go through. In total there is a great deal of information to consume, and there is a pretty good chance that you have retained close to none of it unless you put it in practice to this day.

Now take a look at how adult training is put in place. You either have videos or CBT modules, they last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes (or more!), and now you have to fit this into your already busy work schedule. If retention was an issue back in the day, it’s only going to be worse now. According to Hermann Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve, we forget about 60 percent of the information we took in after just a single day. So how effective is training in this format? Not very.

However, there are newer, modern approaches to training that are designed for adults, that lead to higher retention, and create real user behavior change for the better. This is all done through a short, focused, and frequent education model that uses microlearning at its core.

Join us on Thursday, March 8 at 2 PM ET to learn how your organization can build a more effective security awareness training program using this modern education model.

Presenter details:

Kimber Bougan, Senior Instructional Design Specialist, PhishLabs

Attend this webinar to learn more about:

  • Why traditional training programs lead to wasted organizational time/budget
  • The benefit microlearning plays in retention and action
  • How this modern educational model reduces security risks
  • How to implement a more effective training model

Article Link: https://info.phishlabs.com/blog/webinar-march-microlearning-macro-results