Use Network Detection and Response to Be a Better MSSP with Less Effort

Who doesn’t want to make more money with less effort? Network Detection and Response (NDR) can be a key tool for MSSPs to cut operational costs, while at the same time making their services more efficient.

NDR is a security solution that leverages artificial intelligence to detect and prevent malicious network activity. Gartner recommends NDR as a complement to Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) in what it refers to as a SOC Visibility Triad that will “reduce the chances that attackers will operate on your network long enough to accomplish their goals.”

Since NDR is a relatively new category of security, solutions vary greatly in features, architectures, and effectiveness. These differences along with pricing models can have a significant impact on the value MSSPs will deliver and realize. Here’s an overview of the differences that matter most.

All-In-One Platform

An all-in-one platform eliminates gaps in network threat detection while reducing NDR cost and training requirements for MSSPs. NDR should provide comprehensive visibility into traffic that crosses the network perimeter (“north/south”) as well as traffic that moves laterally inside the perimeter (“east/west”), for both on-premises network and cloud infrastructure. The solution should also offer global threat intelligence to recognize known threats as well as file analysis for never-before seen malicious content attempting entry via the network, email, the cloud or the web.

One-To-Many Service Support

To scale as a one-to-many service provider, MSSPs need an NDR solution that supports flexible, fast and cost-effective deployment in distributed environments. This means that the solution should require no hardware. This zero-hardware model allows the deployment of sensors as virtual appliances on any segment and in any location where visibility is needed. Deployment of sensors should take minutes, not hours or days to save MSSPs time and money.

Pricing and cost justification are common obstacles in selling managed security services. All-you-can-eat NDR sensors with per user pricing are the best option to help MSSPs offer their customers affordable protection.

Analyst Efficiency

AI-powered security solutions such as NDR are notorious for generating large volumes of false positives which, in turn, requires more tier-one analysts to analyze and investigate alerts. Fortunately, there are NDR solutions that provide accurate detection by using both unsupervised machine learning and supervised learning to distinguish between benign and malicious network activity. This can help MSSPs reduce tier-one analyst headcount and focus on hiring staff with the advanced cyber skills their customers are looking for.

NDR solutions also can improve analyst efficiency when malicious activity is discovered. Analysts can react more quickly and effectively when they have relevant contextual details, such as the extent and duration of an event, attack stages, compromised systems, communication between local and external systems, and data accessed.

The ultimate benefit of NDR for MSSPs is greater customer retention since fewer clients are breached, and, if they ever are, the MSSP can respond quickly.


NDR solutions can positively impact the complexity and labor-intensive nature of network security. This solution can provide a major competitive advantage for MSSPs that leverage it to improve the effectiveness of their people, processes and technology. A comprehensive NDR solution will allow SOC analysts to spend less time chasing down false positives using streamlined detection and response processes. This enhanced efficiency improves the bottom line for MSSPS.

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