Update: zipdump.py Version 0.0.23

Option -W can be used to write all files to disk. The only accepted value for -W is vir (for the moment). When this option is provided, all files are written to the local disk (ignoring contained paths) with their original name, and appended extension .vir.

To print out properties line per line, use separator *.

And more parsing for PK records has been added (with option -f). This is a work in progress, more info will provided in an upcoming blog post.

zipdump_v0_0_23.zip (http)
MD5: B37E6A25B736CB4396DEB2DC8A0853C6
SHA256: 68B7E11B4456A8A9A5A9733EE9B1945A03EBA64A13903B98FAC838BDB828BD02

Article Link: Update: zipdump.py Version 0.0.23 | Didier Stevens