Update: python-per-line.py Version 0.0.12

New option -O allows to use a function that receives a object per line as argument.

Like option -n, option -O is used to invoke a single Python function taking one argument, but this time the argument is an object in stead of a string. The object has several properties: item is the line (string), left is the previous line, right is the next line, index is equal to the line counter – 1.

python-per-line_V0_0_12.zip (http)
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SHA256: 1B8D1D8B27A5F5D66FBAB5BACD0594B6A08E96EC03D0BAE08C616A3C172BFD0B

Article Link: Update: python-per-line.py Version 0.0.12 | Didier Stevens