Trickbot via Fake HMRC “Month End Report Sep 2018.xls ” email

This example is an email containing the subject of “Month End Report Sep 2018.xls ” pretending to come from HMRC but actually coming from “[email protected]” which is a look-a-like,  typo-squatted or other domain that can easily be misidentified, mistaken or confused with the genuine site,  with a malicious Excel Spreadsheet  attachment  is today’s latest spoof of a well-known company, bank or public authority delivering Trickbot banking Trojan You can now submit suspicious sites, emails and files via our Submissions system Email Details From: Brenda Kimbell <[email protected]> Date: Tue 24/07/2018 13:26 Subject: Month End Report Sep 2018.xls Attachment: Month End Report Sep 2018.xls Body … Continue reading →

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