This Week in Security News: Ethics and Law in the Dark Web

Welcome to our weekly roundup, where we share what you need to know about the cybersecurity news and events that happened over the past few days.  This week, learn how Trend Micro software can aid in safely securing containers on the AWS Cloud. Also, how the dark web has become a new advertising medium for practitioners of law.

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Securing Containers in The AWS Cloud with Trend Micro

Dynamic environments require security that integrates with CI/CD pipelines, provides runtime protection for Docker and Kubernetes, and protection for inter-container traffic.

Middle East, North Africa Cybercrime Ups Its Game

Ransomware infections increased by 233% this past year in the Middle East and North Africa as part of a shift toward more savvy and aggressive cybercrime operations in a region.

Today’s Data Breach Environment: An Overview

Leveraging data from Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, Trend Micro researchers discovered that overall, there has been a 16 percent increase in mega breaches compared to 2017.

DoJ Takes Down Online Ad Fraud Ring, Indicts 8

The U.S. Department of Justice revealed an unsealed indictment of eight defendants for crimes related to their involvement in widespread digital advertising fraud.

Water and Energy Sectors Through the Lens of the Cybercriminal Underground

As organizations in critical sectors (CI) like water and energy continue to incorporate the industrial internet of things (IIoT) in their operations, they should start with security in mind.

Atrium Health Data Breach Exposed 2.65 Million Patient Records

Atrium Health has revealed a data breach which exposed information belonging to roughly 2.65 million patients.

Uncovering the Truth About Corporate IoT Security

Trend Micro looks at IoT projects being driven by global organizations, their key challenges and perceived threats, and hard data outlining the frequency and type of attacks they’ve experienced.

Uber Fined Nearly $1.2 Million by British and Dutch Authorities for 2016 Data Breach

Uber was fined a combined $1.17 million by British and Dutch authorities for a 2016 data breach and cover-up that exposed the personal details of millions of customers.

Automating Security, Continuous Monitoring, and Auditing in DevOps

DevOps entails pivotal shifts, like the way monitoring and auditing are carried out. As requirements deploying applications change, the requisites for monitoring and auditing also change.

AWS Doubles Down on Containers, Launches MicroVM Manager

At re:Invent, AWS announced its new Container Competency Program and the addition of 160+ new container-based products to its Amazon Marketplace software catalogue.

Ethics Need Not Apply: The Dark Side of Law

In the course of Trend Micro’s research, we saw that lawyers were offering legitimate legal advice in matters related to family law, criminal law, real estate law, and business.

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