The Ultimate Kit for Adding Value to Your Cybersecurity Strategy

There’s so much to discover when it comes to quantifying the value of intelligence in disrupting adversaries and reducing uncertainty and risk. Elite security intelligence from Recorded Future enables you to unlock business value, triple end-user productivity, and achieve full ROI in just four months.

Find out how in The Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit — our new, curated resource collection.

You’ll explore ROI calculations, customer testimonials, third-party validation, and much more that explains how your organization will achieve unprecedented efficiencies and significant cost savings with Recorded Future.

The Ultimate Kit for Your Cybersecurity Plan

The Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit delivers everything you need to implement your security intelligence strategy — or to build a plan that takes it to the next level, including:

  • [E-Book] 4 Ways to Supercharge Your Security With Intelligence
  • [Webinar] Adopting Risk-Based Cybersecurity at Your Organization
  • [Video] Automating Security With Recorded Future
  • [E-Book] Beyond SOAR: 5 Ways to Automate Security With Intelligence
  • [Podcast] The Business Case for Risk-Based Cybersecurity
  • [Pulse Report] Financial Sector Ransomware Attacks on the Rise
  • [Podcast] Mitigating Threat Actors’ Shift Toward Automation
  • [Webinar] Moving Toward Predictive Security Intelligence
  • [Demo] Personalized Recorded Future Demo
  • [Webinar] Predict the Predictable and Manage What’s Not
  • [Podcast] Putting Artificial Intelligence to Work
  • [Browser Extension] Recorded Future Express
  • [E-Book] The Risk Business: What CISOs Need to Know About Risk-Based Cybersecurity
  • [Report] SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Survey, 2020
  • [White Paper] Security Intelligence: Driving Security From Analytics to Action
  • [White Paper] The Security Intelligence Graph
  • [Podcast] Security That Fits the Needs of the Organization
  • [Video] What Is Security Intelligence?
  • [E-Book] The Threat Intelligence Handbook, Second Edition
  • [Report] The Total Economic Impact™ of Recorded Future

Rapid Returns on Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Security leaders and their boards face a balancing act as they establish strong cybersecurity programs to disrupt adversaries. They must carefully weigh which tools are worth the investment against the time and financial costs of a potential cyberattack.

Security intelligence makes this decision easy by consistently delivering strong, ongoing ROI via automated manual processes, improved staff productivity, greater operational efficiencies, and increased cost-savings through reduced IT expenditures and breach-related penalties and fines.

Download The Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit to dig into what impartial third parties say the business value of security intelligence looks like for Recorded Future clients, including:

  • Complete payback achieved within four months
  • ROI of 284% realized within three years
  • $3,302 saved annually in IT costs per internal IT security team member

Implement Unprecedented Workflow Efficiencies

Security intelligence puts analytics and automation at the core of your workflows to deliver unprecedented efficiency. Use it flexibly to enhance visibility and output, automate response, and amplify business value across six distinct, strategic solution areas: brand protection, third-party risk, SecOps and response, threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and geopolitical risk.

The Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit includes third-party findings that demonstrates how security intelligence empowers teams to:

  • Work 32% more efficiently
  • Identify 22% more threats before impact
  • Realize annual productivity benefits worth $30,462 per internal IT security team member
  • Gain back 86% of end users’ lost productivity due to threat-related planned outages

Get the Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit for Free

The Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit is a curated collection of free white papers, reports, videos, podcasts, e-books, interactive tools, and more. The kit delivers all of the practical and strategic guidance you need for your entire security intelligence journey.

Get your Ultimate Security Intelligence Kit for free today to explore how security intelligence will enable your organization to realize immediate business value.

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