The top 4 reasons organisations are performing penetration tests in 2019

Part of the Penetration Testing Series

We are often asked why and in particular when do I need to carry out a penetration test. Today’s blog introduces some of the main reasons organisations are working with CCL Group to perform penetration tests in 2019.  

When should I conduct a penetration test?  

  • Launching a new product to market: Penetration testing services such as web application testing will help identify any weaknesses in the software that could be exploited by an attacker. By testing access security, or for opportunities to manipulate users or perform unpermitted actions, you can effectively secure new products against potential cyber breaches.  
  • IT infrastructure changes: As your organisation grows, so do your infrastructure requirements. Moving from on-premise legacy systems, adoption of cloud technologies, working from home, and bring your own device (BYOD) policies can increase the risk of a cyber breach. Changes to infrastructure and new technology policies are an ideal time to sense check cyber defences and ensure new ways of working won’t introduce risk to your operations. 
  • Complying with regulations: New regulations; such as the GDPR, have thrust privacy and data security into the spotlight for all organisations. Having robust controls in place to comply with new and existing legislation often means cyber checks and a review of cyber security strategy is necessary to avoid financial penalties and damage to reputations.  
  • Embarking on merger and acquisition activity: Bringing companies together presents great opportunities to share knowledge, working practices and systems. Integrating systems and migrating data can however, leave the organisation(s) exposed if security weaknesses are created or not identified. Performing a penetration test before and after the exercise will ensure M&A activity won't be the cause of a cyber breach. 

At CCL Group we perform a range of penetration tests to uncover potential areas of vulnerability within your systems. Through simulation of the latest techniques used by adversaries, our CREST accredited penetration testers mimic the activity of attackers to uncover and address vulnerabilities in your operations.  

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