The Strongest Defense Against Ransomware is Situational Awareness

Ransomware defense is a perpetual cat and mouse game between incident responders and attackers who are continuously evolving their tactics, tools, and strategy. With Ransomware attacks on the rise and costing the US a whopping $7.5 billion in 2019, SOCs and threat hunters must maintain full situational awareness to protect their organization and customers' data—and avoid massive material loss. However, ransomware defense is no easy task and requires a 360-degree view of your organization's attack surface. 

A Ransomware' Perfect Storm' is Brewing

Ransomware adversaries are a unique breed of threat actor with hyperspecialized tradecraft. Today, these professional cybercriminals form threat ecosystems of malware operators, fraud specialists, and black markets that enable best-of-breed intrusions. More professional criminals are joining the ransomware industry every day, bringing with them a focus on malware R & D and optimizing tactics. The result is a faster payout for actors, meaning increased frequency and volume of attacks. 

These cybercriminals are also now capitalizing on COVID-19 to up the success rate of their attacks. The remote workforce has presented security challenges for organizations, and the deluge of information and disinformation around the outbreak has provided ample bait to make intrusions easier. 

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