The state of cybersecurity in 2018: What do the experts think?

The state of cybersecurity in 2018: What do the experts think?

This Friday, November 30, is Computer Security Day. This is an annual unofficial event that aims to raise awareness about the risks that cyberattacks can cause to the computers and devices of citizens, companies, and institutions.

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Since it was first celebrated in 1988, an initiative of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), an impressive number of technological breakthroughs have revolutionized the way in which companies do business and interact both with other companies and with their clients. Here at Panda Security, with our 28 years of experience, we have also witnessed and participated in these breakthroughs, from the birth of the World Wide Web and the popularization of email, to the boom of the Internet of things and the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

However, with these technological developments, new threats have also arisen, putting many companies at risk, regardless of their size or the sector they belong to. It is for precisely this reason that we believe it is vital that companies have available to them advice and best practices provided by the foremost cybersecurity experts. With this in mind, we’ve prepared our latest eBook: “2018 in Cybersecurity” In it, we have compiled testimonials from 11 specialists in the subject. What do the experts think?

Find out the major cybersecurity challenges that have made their mark this year

The year 2018 has been marked by numerous challenges that have put companies’ cybersecurity to the test, and the experts that we have spoken to have all addressed these issues. Because of the way it has affected the way in which companies protect client and user data, one of the most noteworthy milestones of the year was the definitive implementation of the GDPR. Accordingly, in the eBook, there are recommendations from the experts on how to improve data protections. Nevertheless, it is important to point out that the experts stress that a company’s investment in security needs to be strategic, and shouldn’t be done simply for compliance. In this eBook, “The Experts Talk”, you’ll find several recommendations on how to make cybersecurity a core element of your company.

What role must public institutions play?

What’s more, we also give an important role to public institutions whose scope includes cybersecurity. Our eBook has expert analysis from several international institutions, including the Spanish Centro Criptológico Nacional (CCN-CERT – National Cryptology Center), or the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the USA. The experts in the public sphere highlight some very interesting issues: They underscore how important it is for there to be adequate public-private collaboration, and emphasize that cybersecurity is a national security priority for states given how it can affect their critical infrastructure, their services, and their operations.

Discover the most formidable cyberattacks

The experts from the private sector highlight that cyberattacks are increasingly profitable for cybercriminals. To illustrate this point, they give an overview of several notorious ransomware attacks, and reiterate the fact that it is becoming easier and easier to rent malicious bots. Apart from these examples, we have seen cases of attacks that are lesser known, but which are impressive in their complexity and efficiency, such as cryptojacking. Our experts explain in detail how they work and, more importantly, what you can do to combat them.

Uncover the keys to preventing cyberattacks

Finally, one thing that all the experts agree on is how important prevention is when it comes to cybersecurity. Your company must always have an advanced cybersecurity solution. But it is also important to bear in mind the fact that prevention is 90% of the fight against cybercrime, whereas reaction is just 10%. In “The Experts Talk”, the industry leaders reveal several vital processes that every company must carry out in order to get ahead of cybercriminals: phishing simulations for employees, bug bounty programs, and pen-testing are but a few of the methods they recommend.  We reveal the best prevention techniques for your company, and how you can implement them in the most efficient way possible.

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