STARTTLS implementations in email clients & servers plagued by 40+ vulnerabilities


A group of German academics said they discovered more than 40 security flaws in the implementation of the STARTTLS feature in today’s most popular email clients and email servers.

Also known as Opportunistic TLSSTARTTLS refers to a set of protocol extensions used by email clients and servers to upgrade older email protocols like POP3, IMAP, and SMTP from sending data via a plaintext connection to a secure TLS-encrypted channel.

Developed in the late 90s, STARTTLS worked by checking if a connection could be set up via TLS and then negotiating the TLS connection with all involved parties before sending the email data.

Although the entire STARTTLS negotiation process was fragile and prone to errors, STARTTLS came at a time when there was no broad support for encrypted connections in email clients and email servers. Lacking better alternatives at the time, most users and servers admins chose to enable STARTTLS as a temporary solution until TLS support got broader adoption across the internet.

Today, things have changed. Almost all major email clients and email servers support a pure TLS-only mode where all old protocols like POP3, IMAP, and SMTP are funneled by default via an encrypted channel that safeguards email communications from tampering or wiretapping, with email clients refusing to send emails if a secure TLS connection can’t be established.

However, there are still millions of email clients and hundreds of thousands of email servers where STARTTLS is supported and still enabled.

Users advised to move from STARTTLS to TLS-only modes

In a research project presented at the USENIX 2021 security conference last week, academics said they found more than 40 vulnerabilities in STARTTLS client and server implementations that could be abused to downgrade STARTTLS connections to plaintext forms, intercept email communications, steal passwords, or tamper with email inboxes.

While these attacks required a MitM (Man/Meddler-in-the-Middle) position in order to interact with the STARTTLS initial negotiation process, the research team said that “these vulnerabilities are so common that we recommend to avoid using STARTTLS when possible” and that users and administrators should move to update their clients and servers to using TLS-only connections as soon as possible.

STARTTLS+TLS-optionsThunderbird client connection security settings

The good news is that the researchers have spent the past few months working with email client and server vendors to patch the 40+ vulnerabilities they discovered.

While users have the option to apply these patches and continue using STARTTLS to be safe from attacks, researchers advise that users update their client and server settings and set TLS-only as the default email communication security setting by default, something that other security experts have also been recommending since 2014 already.

Below is a summary of the issues discovered by the research team and the affected email clients and email servers.

Summary of STARTTLS client vulnerabilities

Response Injection (Buffering)
Product Protocol Status Links
Apple Mail (macOS) SMTP/POP3/IMAP Fixed in macOS High Sierra 10.13.6/Big Sur 11.4 CVE-2020-9941, CVE-2021-30696
Apple Mail (iOS/iPadOS) SMTP/POP3/IMAP Fixed in iOS/iPadOS 14.0 CVE-2020-9941
Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP Fixed in 78.7.0 CVE-2020-15685, Vendor advisory, Bug report (restricted)
Claws Mail SMTP/POP3/IMAP Fixed in 3.17.6 for SMTP/POP3, See libEtPan for IMAP CVE-2020-15917
Mutt IMAP/SMTP/POP3 Fixed in 1.14.4 CVE-2020-14954
NeoMutt IMAP/SMPT/POP3 Fixed in 2020-06-19 Commit/Patch, see also CVE-2020-14954
Evolution SMTP/POP3 Fixed in 3.36.4 (evolution-data-server) CVE-2020-14928
LibEtPan (Mail Framework for C Language) IMAP/SMTP/POP3 Fixed in repository, unreleased CVE-2020-15953
Exim (MTA sending) SMTP Unfixed (reported privately)
Gmail (iOS/iPadOS) SMTP/IMAP Unfixed (reported privately), MyMail SMTP Unfixed (reported privately, report closed as not applicable)
Yandex SMTP/IMAP Unfixed (reported privately)
PHP (stream_socket_enable_crypto) SMTP/POP3/IMAP Unfixed Bug report (private)
Negotiation and Tampering bugs
Product Description Protocol Status Links
Gmail (Android) Leak of emails IMAP Fixed (retested in 2021.07.11.387440246)
Gmail (Go) Leak of emails IMAP Fixed (retested in 2020.10.15.341102866)
Samsung Email Leak of emails IMAP Fixed (untested)
Alpine Untagged responses accepted before STARTTLS IMAP Unknown (reported via email)
Trojitá Untagged responses accepted before STARTTLS IMAP Unknown Bug report
Mozilla Thunderbird Server responses prior to STARTTLS processed IMAP Fixed in 78.12 CVE-2021-29969, Vendor advisory
KMail STARTTLS ignored when “Server requires authentication” not checked SMTP Unknown Bug report
Sylpheed STARTTLS stripping IMAP Unknown Bug report
OfflineIMAP STARTTLS stripping IMAP Unknown Bug report
GMX / Mail Collector STARTTLS stripping POP3/IMAP Fixed, MyMail, Email app for Gmail STARTTLS Stripping SMTP Unfixed (report closed as not applicable)
Avoiding Encryption via IMAP PREAUTH
Product Status Links
Apple Mail (iOS/iPadOS) Reported February 2020, Re-reported August 2021, Unfixed
Mozilla Thunderbird Fixed in 68.9.0 CVE-2020-12398
Alpine Fixed in 2.23 CVE-2020-14929, Commit
Mutt Fixed in 1.14.3 CVE-2020-14093
NeoMutt Fixed in Release 2020-06-19 Commit/Patch, see also CVE-2020-14093
GMX / Mail Collector Fixed
Certificate Validation
Product Protocol Description Status Links
OfflineIMAP IMAP Accepts untrusted certificates Unknown Bug report
GMX / Mail Collector POP3/IMAP Accepts untrusted certificates Still allows self-signed
Yandex SMTP/IMAP Accepts untrusted certificates Unknown (report closed as not eligible), MyMail SMTP Accepts untrusted certificates (SMTP, IMAP) Unknown (report closed as duplicate)
Outlook (Android & iOS) SMTP/IMAP Certificate hostname not checked (SMTP, IMAP) Unknown (report closed as low/medium severity)
Geary SMTP/IMAP Accepting an untrusted certificate creates a permanent trust exception for all certificates Fixed in 3.36.3 CVE-2020-24661
Trojitá SMTP Accepts untrusted certificates Fixed in repository (77ddd5d4) (no official releases) CVE-2020-15047
Ruby Net::SMTP SMTP Only checks hostname, ignores certificate signature Fixed in 2.7.2 Bug report
Product Protocol Description Status Links
Alpine IMAP Crash when LIST or LSUB send before STARTTLS Unknown (reported via email)
Balsa IMAP Nullptr dereference when TLS required and PREAUTH send Fixed in 2.5.10 CVE-2020-16118
Balsa IMAP Stack overflow due to repeated BAD answer to CAPABILITY command Fixed in 2.6.2 (no release yet) Bug Report
Balsa IMAP Crash on untagged EXPUNGE response Fixed in commit 26e554ac (no release yet) Bug Report
Evolution IMAP Invalid free when no auth mechanisms in greeting Fixed in >3.35.91 CVE-2020-16117
Product Protocol Description Status Links
KMail POP3 Setup wizard in POP3 defaults to unencrypted connections Fixed in 20.08 Bug Report
KMail POP3 Config shows “encrypted”, but it isn’t Fixed CVE-2020-15954
KMail SMTP/IMAP Dialog loop “forces” the user to accept invalid certificates Unknown Bug Report
Mozilla Thunderbird POP3 Infinite loop when POP3 server replies with -ERR to STLS command Unknown Bug Report
Trojitá SMTP/IMAP Hard to choose implicit TLS due to typo (German) Fixed Bug Report
Trojitá SMTP SMTP defaults to plaintext on port 587 Unknown Bug Report

Summary of STARTTLS server vulnerabilities

Command Injection (Buffering)
Product Protocol Status Links
Nemesis (used by GMX /, provider) POP3/IMAP Fixed (reported privately) (provider) SMTP/POP3/IMAP Fixed (reported privately)
Yahoo (only MTA-to-MTA, provider) SMTP Unfixed (reported privately)
Yandex (provider) SMTP/POP3/IMAP Unfixed (reported privately)
s/qmail SMTP Fixed in 4.0.09 CVE-2020-15955
Coremail SMTP/POP3/IMAP Unfixed (reported via CERT)
Citadel SMTP/POP3/IMAP Unfixed CVE-2020-29547, Bug report
Gordano GMS POP3/IMAP Unfixed CVE-2021-37844
recvmail SMTP Fixed in 3.1.2 (reported privately)
SmarterMail POP3 Fixed in Build 7537 CVE-2020-29548
Burp Collaborator SMTP Fixed in 2020.9.2 Bug report, Vendor release notes
Dovecot SMTP Fixed in and 2.3.15 CVE-2021-33515
Mercury/32 SMTP/POP3/IMAP Fixed in 4.90 CVE-2021-33487
QMail Toaster (1.4.1) SMTP Project discontinued
Courier POP3 Fixed in 1.1.5 (reported privately), known since 2013 Discussion from 2013, CVE-2021-38084, Fix
PHP (stream_socket_enable_crypto) SMTP/POP3/IMAP Unfixed Bug report (private)
Session Fixation
Product Protocol Status Links
Citadel POP3/IMAP Reported via forum, unfixed Forum with report, CVE-2021-37845
IPswitch IMail POP3/IMAP Reported via Mail, unfixed CVE-2021-37846
Miscellaneous Issues
Product Protocol Description Status Links
Nemesis (used by GMX /, provider) SMTP Advertises authentication before STARTTLS even though it is disabled Fixed (reported via Bugbounty)

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