Security Travel Tips

In honor of NCSAM, we decided to ask the Twitter community for security travel tips, to help us be more safe when travelling. Here's the original Tweet:

Want some AlienVault swag? Send us your top tip for #security while traveling by October 8 for potential inclusion in an upcoming blog. Of the tips we include in the blog, we’ll randomly select 3 people to win an AlienVault swag bag! #securityawareness @J4vv4D @securitybrew

— AlienVault, an AT&T company (@alienvault) October 3, 2018

We got some neat answers. 

1. Use a screen protector on an airplane or while working in public
2. Buy Freeze Fraud bags to store your laptop in while out of your hotel room. Tamper evident bags give you peace of mind your hardware hasn't been tampered with.

— Jake Williams (@MalwareJake) October 4, 2018

For the love of everything confidential: privacy screens for phone, tablet, phablet, laptop, etc! Flights to DC make for the best shoulder surfing!

— Glenn it's S��CTOBER �� (@NTKramer) October 4, 2018

Know your threat model. Not everyone needs a burner phone, burner laptop, and 7 proxies. Know the trust boundaries, and mitigate the issues that make sense for you.

— Willa (@willasaywhat) October 4, 2018

Dont do work.

Your work existed before you and wont end cuz you disapeared for a week or less. Smart companies and CEOs always have backup for critical employees.

No matter how secure you can try to be... if you are targeted they will get you while you are traveling.

— 9656B73F0889AC044EB47F452C059A6C (@SGFja2Vy) October 4, 2018

Avoid beig an obvious target by studying the area well enough to not need a map upon arrival.

Carry the bare minimum hardware & files - if a device is lost/stolen/damaged, better for it to be a stripped down chromebook than your main PC.

— Josh Gibbs (@quizzicaljosh) October 4, 2018

dedicated travel phone, vpn, and don't eat at restaurants that aren't busy

— Space Force Panda (@TrashPandaFTW) October 4, 2018

Use an EVDO solution along with VPN such as a Verizon USB 4G LTE device and VPN. This prevents the unencrypted WiFi traffic to a hotspot AP and also encrypts your 4G LtE traffic. While you can use a hotspot and vpn, your initial traffic over that hotspot is all unencrypted.

— John Alves (@CyberLowdown) October 4, 2018

Do not download sensitive information in a hotel business center.

— lazyMalware (@LazyMalware) October 4, 2018

And there was a technology to investigate:


— EmmaB247 (@EmmaB247) October 4, 2018

Stay safer while travelling! Thanks for all the suggestions from the Twitter community. 


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