Security alert: Dangerous new instance of Emotet Trojan emerges

			<div><p><strong>Hannover, Germany (8 March 2023) </strong>– The dangerous Emotet malware – a Trojan – is back. Hornetsecurity’s inhouse Security Lab has observed a new emerging Emotet campaign after almost three months of silence.</p>

The latest iteration of Emotet uses very large files to bypass security scans that only scan the first bytes of large files or skip large files completely.

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			<div><p>Emails come with a 600-kilobyte ZIP file containing inflated Word documents (.doc) of over 500 megabytes. When the victim opens the Word document, the Word document downloads a malicious payload (.dll) that is also over 500 megabytes.</p></div>
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			<div><p>This new instance is currently running at a slow pace, but our Security Lab expects it to pick up. Emotet emails can look legit, and – even if detected and quarantined by email security systems – users may choose to release them from quarantine. Falling victim to it will help it spread further.</p>

It is therefore essential for administrators to block such emails and to alert users to be on their guard.

Hornetsecurity is protecting its customers against this by rejecting such emails with immediate effect.

Click here to learn more about Emotet.

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