Securely Connect and Scale Remote Workforces

We’re hearing from many of our customers that you are rapidly scaling remote work options for your employees during the COVID-19 outbreak. As you do this, you’ll first need to ensure they can securely and rapidly connect to all of the applications they need, including SaaS, cloud, and data center apps. And you’re sharing concerns about doing this at a whole new level of scale.

We have a number of solutions ready to go to help you secure your remote workforce, and we’ve ramped up our support to help.

GlobalProtect for existing NGFW customers: Every Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall is designed to support always-on, secure access with GlobalProtect. We’ve had several customers ask us about expediting additional hardware capacity as their remote workforces grow. We’ve analyzed our supply chain and inventory position, and we’re ready to help.

Prisma Access: Prisma Access is a globally distributed cloud service that scales automatically to provide the needed capacity for your remote workers. It offers the same security functionality as our next-generation firewalls, but without the need to deploy new infrastructure. As the situation changes globally, this means organizations can maintain business continuity as Prisma Access will auto-scale to wherever capacity is needed:  

  • If you would like Prisma Access, we understand time is of the essence, so we are offering free, accelerated deployment and onboarding of your remote users. 
  • For existing Prisma Access customers who need additional capacity, we have you covered for any unanticipated spikes for mobile users, at no additional cost for 90 days. 

To learn more, please contact our sales and support team at [email protected]. Our commitment is to support you in any way possible to help rapidly deploy a secure mobile workforce.

At Palo Alto Networks, we are working hard to help ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners during the COVID-19 outbreak. We’ve given employees work-from-home options and restricted non-critical travel. For our customers and partners, we will continue to be available to you, in many cases remotely, and have shared our full guidance here.

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