[SANS ISC] The Risk of Authenticated Vulnerability Scans

I published the following diary on isc.sans.edu: “The Risk of Authenticated Vulnerability Scans“:

NTLM relay attacks have been a well-known opportunity to perform attacks against Microsoft Windows environments for a while and they remain usually successful. The magic with NTLM relay attacks? You don’t need to lose time to crack the hashes, just relay them to the victim machine. To achieve this, we need a “responder” that will capture the authentication session on a system and relay it to the victim. A lab is easy to setup: Install the Responder framework. The framework contains a tool called MultiRelay.py which helps to relay the captured NTLM authentication to a specific target and, if the attack is successful, execute some code! (There are plenty of blog posts that explain in details how to (ab)use of this attack scenario)… [Read more]

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