Recorded Future Earns Top Spot in SC Media Product Review

SC Media recently took a close look at today’s threat intelligence solutions and determined that Recorded Future has earned the top spot — awarding us perfect scores across the board based on six key criteria.

Noting that Recorded Future provides “a strong collection of [threat data] feeds and reports to empower any intelligence program,” SC Media’s reviewers gave five out of five stars for its features, documentation, value for money, performance, customer support, and ease of use. They also ranked Recorded Future five out of five stars overall — higher than any of the other products they reviewed — concluding that it has no weaknesses they could find and is well suited for a wide range of use cases, regardless of the size of your organization.

We are thrilled to be recognized by SC Media as the leading threat intelligence solution. We believe our customers need threat intelligence that enables defense at the speed and scale of the internet, and we’re constantly adding data, features, and expert analysis that support this goal. Seeing this review alongside a Forrester report from earlier this year naming us a leader in digital risk management and a recent white paper from IDC saying that Recorded Future provides a “universal” solution tells us we’re on the right track.

Better Data Through Machine Learning

The foundation of good threat intelligence is data, and the review noted that Recorded Future draws data from a “unique combination of 65 integrated feeds and reports” coming from technical, open web, and dark web sources. Using machine learning technology, our data collection processes handle the same amount of data in one day as “8,000 human analysts working full time for an entire year.” This translates into huge time and cost savings for any organization.

Of course, all of that data needs to be filtered and contextualized to be useful — ingesting more information without managing it properly can do more harm than good. SC Media themselves noted that “while more information can be better, organizations typically hit a roadblock and quickly realize that too much information, without context or follow-up, can be a nightmare.”

Recorded Future avoids that information overload in a few ways. After all the data is gathered into one place, it goes through “a combination of machine learning, natural language translation, and review by researchers.” It’s only after this review process that the output is “ready for human analysis and collaboration.” This pairing between human experts and advanced machine learning technology is one of the reasons that Recorded Future users are able to identify threats 10 times faster than before they used it, according to a recent IDC white paper.

Context Is Key for Effective Threat Intelligence

With features like easy-to-read Intelligence Cards and a user-friendly UI, finding and sharing relevant information can be done quickly and simply. Intelligence Cards provide dynamic Risk Scores that consider both intrinsic factors like the potential severity of a vulnerability if it were to be exploited, and also environmental factors such as whether or not threat actors are targeting the vulnerability.

SC Media also pointed out that Recorded Future has recently expanded its solution to incorporate customers’ proprietary data feeds. This enhances our packaged integrations with security technologies like SIEMs, ticketing, incident response, and SOAR, supporting many security use cases and improving data-driven collaboration between teams.

We think SC Media said it best in their verdict: “This product is one of the best we looked at this month. We can really see why most other solutions in this space integrate with Recorded Future. This is a must-have in your organization and why this is the SC Lab Approved solution.”

To read more about Recorded Future being recognized as today’s leading threat intelligence solution, check out the full product review from SC Media. Alternatively, you can download the Forrester report and IDC white paper, further highlighting our product capabilities.

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